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      In business since 1965, SuperRich Currency Exchange (1965) Co., Ltd. or SuperRich Orange is one of Thailand’s leading money- changing services. Over the past 53 years, SuperRich has played a vital role in providing money-exchange services in tandem with Thailand’s economic growth. Today, SuperRich Currency Exchange (1965) Co.,Ltd. is said to provide the best money exchange services of its kind in the country.


Branch and our goal

      Currently, SuperRich Currency Exchange (1965) Co., Ltd. has 49 outlets nationwide and 2 international outlets in Laos PDR and England. Operating under the slogan “Think of Money Exchange, Think of SuperRich Orange”, it is now Thailand’s most successful money exchange service provider with the largest number of outlets. Thanks to our professionalism, the integrity that is at our core, and a commitment to personnel development, the company has gone from strength to strength, serving more than 1 million customers a month. And that number is highly likely to rise even further. The next goal of SuperRich Currency Exchange (1965) Co., Ltd. is to expand its outlets in foreign countries, targeting ASEAN countries such as Cambodia, Myanmar, and Lao PDR.

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