Turn your thailand visit from good to great
and get exclusive offers & benefits from various
participating merchants with SuperRich Cash Card.

 Easy registration at any SuperRich outlets

 Worry-free spending with high international security standards

 Check balance / payment history easily

 Exclusive offers & benefits from various participating merchants

SuperRich Cash Card Fee Rate

Card Fee


Card Packaging Fee

Replacement Fee

Annual Fee


160 baht

160 baht

100 bath (Starting the second year)

Credit Limit (KYC)

Stored-value per card

Top up amount

Payments limit


99,000 baht

99,000 baht / transaction

99,000 baht / month

Transaction Fee


1. Spending Fee at any merchants

2. Foreign Currency Exchange Fee at SuperRich

3. Withdrawal Fee at ATM


No fee

No fee (only FX rate applied)

Fee charged at ATM provider + 50 THB* (*it will be waived till 31 Dec 2019)

Q&A SuperRich Cash Card

Q: What is SuperRich Cash Card?
A: SuperRich Cash Card is a pre-paid MasterCard. Once the stored value is added, it can be used at all Mastercard accepted merchants both at the shops and online merchants.

Q: Who can apply the SuperRich Cash Card?
A: Anyone

Q: What is applicant's qualification and required documents to apply for the card?
A: Foreigner : Passport and National ID or driver license.
    Thai people : Thai National ID

Q: Who can apply the SuperRich Cash Card?
A: You will get many key benefits when spending from the SuperRich Cash Card
- Visitors to Thailand can have a safe and cashless trip.
- Convenience to apply and top up at any SuperRich shops that have Visit Thailand Card sign.
- SuperRich Cash Card mobile application on both iOS and Android to manage the card like balance and payment history checking.
- A free one-day internet sim, which can be topped up or buy additional package via SupperRich Cash Card Mobile application.
- Worry-free spending with high international security standards
- Exclusive offers & benefits from various participating merchants and places
- Access cash at any ATM nationwide (with fee) - Easily activate or disable the card in mobile application

Q: Is there any fee?
A: Is there any fee? A: Card packaging fee is 160 baht and 100 baht for annual fee (collect at year end). If you need to replace the card, it will cost 160 baht for replacement. Cash withdrawal at ATM will contain a charge based on each ATM service provider and additional fee 50 baht per time (waived untill 31 Dec 2019) which will be deducted from the value in the card.

Q: Where can I top up money to the card?
A: Customer can top up money to the card at any SuperRich branches with a SuperRich Cash Card Sign.

Q: What is the limitation of card top up and usage?
A: Card credit limit is 150,000 baht. Cardholder can add value up to 80,000 baht / time and maximum spending per month is 300,000 baht.

Q: How can I check my balance and my spending history?
A: The cardholders can check the balance and spending history in the SuperRich Cash Card mobile application. The cardholders can also top-up or buy SIM package and activate / disable the card via the application.

Q: Can I use the card in other countries?
A: Yes, the card can be used at all Mastercard acceptance merchants worldwide.

Q: Can I use the card to purchase online?
A: Yes. OTP (One-time password) will be sent to the email that the cardholders provide at the card registration.

Q: What do I have to do if the card is expired and still has some remaining balance?
A: You can contact any SuperRich outlets to replace with a new card (with fee) or exchange the remaining amount of money in the card to cash.

Q: For any problems or enquiries?
A: Please contact SuperRich: e-mail: [email protected] or Tel. 02-057-8888 , 02-057-8899 or